Discover the Possibilities Using Angelic Frequency Healing

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angelic frequency healing


An Angelic Frequency Healing will help you with

Healing, Relaxation, Strengthening Your Connection with Your Body for Greater Healing Support, Gaining Greater Self Love in Life, Deepening Your Spiritual Love Connection, Greater Understanding of Your Life, Receive greater Peace, Increase Forgiveness Power, Increase Your Blessings in Life, Balancing Mind, Body and Soul

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Highest Archangel.  Magnetic Force, Flows and Alignment

We know who Caeayaron is from his transmissions channelled through his
Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel. He is: –
The highest Archangel of Creation.
Magnetic Force Power.
The Great Divine Love Judge
The Great Divine Balancer
The Great Divine Awakener
The Great Divine Aligner
Builder of Light Frequencies
Light Grid Creator.

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Love awakening Classes


Welcome to the Times of the Great Cosmic Alignment

These are the times when the spiritual knowledge of the greater love universe is more expansive upon our earth, with these beautiful 7 Spiritual Universal Love Awakening Classes you are able to learn and understand

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Sandra Wosko Star Sacred World Healer certificate


I am Sandra – Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love flow Teacher and Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron.

November 2016, I received my Lemurian Codes – Keys of Life back when I was activated by the Great Caeayaron at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, becoming a Star Sacred World Healer at his University of Light through his Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

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