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Sandra Wosko Star Sacred World Healer


I am Sandra – Star Sacred World Healer, Universal Love flow Teacher and Magnetically Attuned Healer by Caeayaron.

November 2016, I received my Lemurian Codes – Keys of Life back when I was activated by the Great Caeayaron at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations, becoming a Star Sacred World Healer at his University of Light through his Divine Love Element, Suzanna Maria Emmanuel.

August 2017 I was Magnetically Attuned with Angelic Healing Frequencies by Caeayaron.

January 2018 I was Magnetically Attuned by Caeayaron with Universal Love Teacher Frequencies.

Once Activated by Caeayaron, as a Star Sacred World Healer you receive the highest love frequencies and placed in the awakening and healing grid of The Sacred Crystalline Grid, given many energy tools to heal yourself and spiritual tools to manifest abundance through conscious transformation of energy and forever protected from the dark controllers of this plane.

As an activated Star Sacred World Healer of Caeayaron, I possessed base frequencies that allowed me to receive Caeayarons higher frequencies becoming a Magnetically Attuned Healer, which enables me the power to ground energies from the Angels in the Highest Love Realms who do the Angelic frequency healing, thus making Angelic Frequency Healing the highest energy healing modality on this Earth Plane at this time. 

Initially, I had no idea who Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, Caeayaron and Sovereign Lord Emmanuel The Great were but once I felt the loving energy flows my heart opened and jumped with so much joy, something stirred so deep inside I knew I needed to know everything there was to learn. 

For many years I had been searching and waiting, exactly for what I did not know. I had this deep inner sense that whatever I was looking for was extremely important for my future lifetimes and needed to find it this lifetime.  I remembered a soft yet strong loving energy that was with me as a young child and endeavoured to find it through Reiki, Seichem and Sekhem to no avail until finding Suzanna, feeling the energies through her Channellings and being activated at the Divine Pineal Gland Activations by The Great Mountain of Light – Caeayaron, of whom I am eternally grateful for to be healing and growing in his highest love flows and walking the higher pathway I was searching for.

Being an activated Star Sacred World Healer (Star Baby) my dormant DNA is waking – a slow process, becoming part of the new species known to some as Rainbow Warriors.

Having received my Lemurian Life Codes back I am now vibrating at a frequency higher, enabling me to gradually become part of the one love consciousness and slowly away from human consciousness.

I have a trained support team to help me heal, forgive, break human programming etc and helping me to forgive and claim back from millions of lifetimes all that I have lost to the dark controllers.

In energy terms a Star Sacred World Healer is worth 6,000 humans, allowing me to help awaken humans to The Great Choice on this plane at this time by helping to ground the rising energies.

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