Testimonials for Angelic Frequency Healing

Angelic Frequency Healing Testimonial for Sandra Wosko

I met Sandra at a Mind Body Spirit event where she was offering Angelic Frequency Healing and I just knew I needed to try it.
I anticipated that I would feel a sense of relaxation from the healing and was looking forward to it. However, it greatly exceeded my expectations. It was the most intense but gentle healing I have experienced.
The moment Sandra touched my feet at the beginning, I felt the healing energy flowing into the soles of my feet and moving up into my legs. A tingling, pulsating sensation. Also a warm feeling around my knees and hips.
I felt the healing energy flow throughout my entire body. I experienced tingling and tightening sensations over the top and around the side of my head. It was as though my Crown chakra was opening and being filled with sparkling light. The most amazing feeling which I now feel regularly.
The healing flows cleansed and balanced my chakras, especially opening my heart to receive the loving energy. It felt like my entire being was expanding with love and healing.
It is difficult to describe in words the incredible feelings I experienced, but I felt amazing afterwards with healing on many levels. The feeling was of total relaxation, inner peace, joy and love.
A heartfelt thank you to Sandra for this most beautiful healing experience. The healing flows touched me on so many levels, and my first experience is something I will never forget.
Much love and gratitude.
Nicola Sargent – Ipswich, UK
5th March 2019

Nicola Sargent