TESTIMONIALS For Love Awakening Lessons 

Spiritual Universal Love Awakening Lessons   

I have recently completed the Spiritual Universal Love Awakening lessons.
I came to hear about them from Sandra, who I had visited a few times for healings. She gave me an information leaflet, and I was so interested in finding out more that I booked my first session immediately.
I felt that my life was stagnating and that I was powerless with all the negative things happening to me. I wanted to change but didn’t know how.
I came to the lessons with an open mind, but had an intuitive feeling that this was what I needed, to move forward in my life.
I have learned so much during the seven sessions. I learnt the importance of unconditional love; not just for others but especially self-love. This really resonated with me. I am beginning to love and accept myself more, which is something I’ve struggled to do in the past. As a result, I am feeling more empowered and confident.
I learned that forgiveness is paramount for self and others, and I regularly say Caeayarons Forgiveness Statement. The words touch my soul, fill with me loving energy and inner peace.
I know too, that I can always call upon Caeayaron and the highest loving Divine beings to take care of me. I find this gives me strength if I’m feeling negative thoughts and fear, knowing that I’m not alone.
I am grateful to Sandra for her beautiful teaching, kindness and love. It was an emotional journey for me at times, but I felt safe and confident to be open and honest about my insecurities. I never felt rushed and was supported by Sandra throughout all sessions.

Much love and thanks Sandra for teaching me the skills to journey forward in my life with love, confidence, enthusiasm, joy and self-belief.

Gratitude and love to Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel

Nicola Sargent – Student of Spiritual Love Flow Awakening Lessons
Ipswich, UK
15th November 2019

Angel frequency healing lessons
Nicola Sargent
Student of Spiritual Love Flow Awakening Lessons


I met Sandra at a spiritual event where I had an Angelic Frequency Healing and was so amazed at the beautiful loving healing flows, encompassing my whole body which left me feeling so relaxed and rejuvenated, I felt like a new me.

I knew straightaway I needed to know more about the healing and have more. Actually I wanted to know everything and Sandra passionately discussed being magnetically attuned with Caeayarons Angelic Healing Frequencies through Suzanna Maria Emmanuel, being a Star Sacred World Healer by being activated at the Divine Pineal Gland activations and that she was going to be doing the activations again and a new Teacher Training course on Spiritual Love Awakening in the near future.
I was eager to do Caeayaron’s course as soon as I knew Sandra had completed it. I had been unable to do the pineal activations both because of work commitments and because I was laid very low with chronic fatigue. I think I messaged her whilst she was driving back. I knew I had to get closer to Caeayarons energy. We had had several amazing healing sessions previous to this over the last 9 months helping me greatly. I think I was Sandra’s first teaching student.
It was clear from the beginning that the energy and connection for Sandra was much stronger. I remember the smell of oranges 🍊 and the feeling of lightness which was beautiful. We had decided to group the lessons in pairs as I was eager and had some spiritual experience. The next lesson was different again and I felt transported to a different stance and was aware of spirit being very close to me. The hand outs were very read able and well-structured and I had homework to do before the next weeks sessions. The homework released many tears as layer after layer of past hurts and anger were released.
The next sessions took me again to beautiful spaces and I had the feeling that I was moving through thickened air as if I could see several reflections of my hand next to each other. As Sandra wanted to bring me back, I remember asking not yet, wait a minute. Some of the sensations made my hands feel larger and a couple of times painful, which Sandra gave healing for.
Between each session more healing sensations were felt as I worked through the handouts. I started feeling much better when I did the exercises and would clearly notice the difference when I hadn’t.
Each time the sessions would feel so short like only half an hour had passed but when we checked an hour or more had gone.
It was a beautiful series of teachings and I felt supported upwards out of my pain and hopelessness to joy energy and inspiration for future happiness.
I felt supported by Caeayarons energy which I felt was clearly present and connected to Sandra. It was a fantastic way to raise my vibrations, which were low, to encourage and assist my own personal healing process. It also helped to show me the way to build my vibrations upwards in preparation for the Pineal Gland activations in June.
I am now a Star Sacred World Healer and I am loving the connection with other SSWH’s across the world, loving my own healing working so closely with angels I continue to heal. I feel completely supported and continue growing my vibrations -my healing continues in an amazing way.
I am very grateful for the course with Sandra it gave me a strong bridge to cross and to climb to a higher place of love and light. Healing and shedding baggage as I walked.
Thank you so much to Caeayaron and Suzanna for everything you do. 💕⭐️❤️💖🎶🌈😊🎵🎶😀
Thank you so much for my Beautiful teacher Sandra you were great!! And I appreciate the continuing support when I have hiccups and bumps in the road!! ❤️💕💖💕💖❤️xxx

Love light and gratitude
Star Sacred World Healer 🎶⭐️🎵💕❤️💖🌈😊
April 2018

angelic frequency healing testimonial
Sharon Bloom
Star Sacred World Healer
Spiritual Awakening Love Classes
I had an amazing day with Sandra, Star Sacred World Healer, who guided me through the teachings of the 7 Spiritual Awakening Love Classes. Her energy and compassion, love and clarity was just what was needed, to enable me to understand and take on board so many of the teachings and vibrations, enabling me to open my heart more (which had closed up quite significantly beforehand).
There is so much information to take in, and I have much to learn, but this session was an amazing way to open the doors. I could feel my energies lifting and my vibrations raising, and took in and understood so much more than I expected. I feel like a child now growing up – I understand so much more, and know that it is within me to raise my vibrations, consciousness, and love, which will, in turn, help all beings in the universe.
Everything I learnt resonates with me, and at last, I feel more “at home”, I realise that I have been searching for this for so long. This is all so important. The teachings and love from Caeayaron and Suzanna Maria Emmanuel are just amazing, it all seems just so right and so perfect! I hope I will one day be able to attend the Pineal Gland Activations myself, an amazing opportunity to look forward to.
5th January 2020

Janet Watson
Student of Spiritual Love Flow Awakening Lessons